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About Elle

Elle is a former athlete, holds Uni degree from Sports & Science, studied Physiotherapy, Ergonomy, Lecturer of Pilates Academy, Yoga Teacher , Coach… Those combined with an extensive background in Fitness & Wellness, and her professional knowledge as same as cheerful attitude Elle brings a wealth of information concerning your individual needs & goals. 

Elle has been teaching, studying and promoting Wellness all around the World- UAE, Thailand, India, Korea, Swiss, Italy, Austria, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Hungary.

Personally Elle believes in holistic approach based on scientific research. 

As a freelance coach for 5* resorts and private clientele uses her passion for Body&Mind techniques with latest updates for training,

or practice emphatize on the right body posture, releasing stress & rehabilitation while applying ¨a healthy lifestyle & exercise to balance the body in a natural way. 

Do you want to learn" what really means to be

a fully functioning, healthy, vibrant, thriving human being"?


My origin and my journey

I am a practitioner, instructor of many movement/sports activities (Pilates, Yoga, Aerial fitness, TRX, DNS, NKT, TPT and many others, I have studied physical therapy, sports, biology, mindfulness, breathing, fascia and scars and many other things He connected I joined and connected with Body&Mind.I'm a fan of Biotensegrity - everything in our body is connected, everything affects each other.

I'm not perfect and I can't do everything, but I'm like a sponge - I try to absorb new knowledge, I have a desire for lifelong learning, never-ending self-improvement. I will try to help you as best as I can, based on my knowledge, conscience and experience as a hawk.

I was born Lenka {translation of my surname} Freedom and freedom have been my guide since childhood. As a hyperactive child, I was part of many sports clubs, clubs, and activities.

This was followed by sports gym, physio and "bodybuilding" at the Faculty of Sports Studies, where we started teaching right after graduation. I stayed for almost 7 years, teaching and training in the Czech Republic and abroad, but it still wasn't the same...

In 2010, I plucked up the courage and sent my CV to Dubai - according to a flight attendant friend, paradise on earth. They offered me a job at a luxury resort in the Maldives, where I went - and that changed everything.

She found out that I can do what I like, that I don't have to be in one place, she studies with her husband and started teaching for resorts, hotels, private clients - living and working all over the world, doing what I like and gives me meaning.

No one could pronounce Lenka properly - I was either "Linka, or Lanka, or something similar, so I started using my second name Elle - just L. and you have the pronunciation right away")

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