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Sound Healing -

Bath group session


Here you can let yourself be carried away by the sounds of the instruments that resonate in body and mind which allows you to enter a deep state of relaxation. And you can vibrate even in the depths of your being, even long after the sound concert is over, after you return from this state, one can experience a sense of calm and peace.

The sounds can stimulate the body's self-healing ability, both physically and mentally.


Sound Healing

Vibroacoustic massage private session

It is a type of vibrational massage that promotes good lymph flow, improves blood flow, dissemination of nerve impulses and regeneration of organ functions. This massage is suitable for all people, including childrenThis method also helps to alleviate stress and harmonizes the nervous system of adults, introduces them to a state of deep relaxation, thanks to which the self-healing process is supported. For those who suffer from increased anxiety, sleep disorders and depression, massage can regulate this condition already after the third session.

What to expect: You’ll be guided thru Sound bath, you’ll be comfy on therapeutic mats, covered with warm blanket, cushions and eye masks will be also available


My clients reviews

I have been to Elle's sound healing sessions and they are exceptional. From the comfortable and welcoming space that she creates, to the ambience, to her expertise and they way she guides us through the whole process, I've found real healing from within. Psysically, emotionally, mentally an spiritually fulfilling. Totally recommend!

Ana Caixaria 5/5

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