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Relax with Elle

I’ve been interested and passionate about holistic approach to health since my childhood. I grew up with intimate contact with nature, surrounded by herbalism, alternative healing techniques and traditional medicine-all thanks to my amazing mum. I believe that those early influential years provided me with an incredibly rich experience, that resulted in my later quests. My entire life is a journey and exploration of human purpose, connections with nature and in between and holistic awareness. I learned that our health can only be viewed from the holistic perspective. Our body, mind and spirit are one and additionally we are all connected to the nature, environment we are living in. Thus, while treating someone, I should take into consideration all those aspects. Massage affects our health in a positive way, but also heal us on deeper lever though the process of being accepted as you are and being care for. In that way the physical and emotional space that has been created allows us to unwind and let go of any emotional and mental blocks

Just keep in mind -just because it hurts somewhere doesn’t mean that’s where the problem is. Pain is often where the problem ended up not where it started.

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